Information security and privacy

East Union Company Limited has taken and takes all measures and regulations to ensure that customer information is not exposed to theft or piracy. However, we do not guarantee that information is not compromised, and we do not take full responsibility unless there is a clear error on our part.


East Union Company might use private personal information in the following cases:

1- The financial conditions related to cash transactions such as payment and balance to verify payment and others.

  1. For the purposes of statistical operations, customer relations and delivery of services to you, including marketing and promotional messages.

We may disclose your personal information in the following cases:

  1. If we are asked to do so in accordance with applicable laws and regulations or based on a judicial order or similar to a governmental and executive, including the Ministry of the Interior or one of the concerned governmental authorities.
  2. In the case of necessity and at the discretion of the management of Union East Company Limited in respect to the protection of legal and intellectual rights and private property of registered members or third parties or to prevent personal affect.
  3. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password, user name, etc.



Cookies are small pieces of text information stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. We use cookies to allow us to understand who sees pages and ads, to determine how often private pages are visited, to determine the most popular areas of the site and generally to monitor site usage. Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, and membership requirements can do so. We do not control the use of cookies by third parties. If you want to disable cookies, you can do so by resetting your browser settings. However, please note that by disabling cookies you may not be able to register or use all features of the site.


Service fees

East Union Company Limited has the right to charge fees for use, service or both, and you will be notified, and the user has the right to continue using the service or not.


Update terms and conditions

East Union Company Limited has the right to change the terms and conditions at any time as required by the public interest and you will be informed by means of the electronic communication data of our registered customers.